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 Kedleston has a few select days in the month of June for day camps and rental groups to book.  Please allow 2-3hrs min for Jacob’s Ladder Rentals and approx 8-10 hrs for a Full Day at KGC. Please contact us directly for availability and more information here.

Facilities and amenities include:
- dorm-style cabins
- seniors lodge
- full-service washrooms with showers
- dining room and kitchen to accommodate up to 200 people
- laundry (please provide your own detergent)
- canteen
- trailer park and dump station
- Big Tabernacle and Little Tabernacle (meeting place for services)

School Group Rentals

We offer one day only School Group rentals. (Overnights not available.) Please review the downloadable rental booklet below for more details. 

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