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Due to the increased number of registrations, we appreciate your efforts in registering online. Below are step-by-step instructions. 



1. Go to


2. Click the white/black “REGISTER NOW” button in top right corner


3. First Time Registering? (If not, skip to #4)

- Choose “Create Account”

- Enter Personal Information

- Choose green “Continue” button at bottom of page

- Email Consent: Select checkbox if you want to receive emails from KGC

- Choose “Continue” at bottom of page

- Create Password (must be 6 characters with 1 letter and 1 number)

- Choose “Continue” at bottom of page

- Congratulations! Your account has been created. You can now follow the “Returning to Register” instructions below to register for Seniors Camp. 


4. Returning to Register? (For forgotten password see #5 for instructions.)

- Enter email address and password

- Choose “Get Started”

- On right side under “Register for Family Camp” choose “Seniors Camp”

- Under “Available Camps” select “Seniors Camp 2020”

- Select Accommodation: Choose “Seniors Camp” and specify accommodation preference in “Room & Location Notes” box below

- Select “Continue” to proceed

- Review Primary Contact Information: Please update any changes

- Choose “Continue” at bottom of page

- Choose Camper(s): Click checkbox to select Campers attending Seniors Camp to add new Camper see #4a

- After selecting ALL Family Member attending Seniors Camp, choose “Continue” at the bottom of the page

- Optional Items: here you can choose to add money for canteen or make a donation. Enter the dollar amount or leave blank for no canteen or donation. 

- Choose “Continue” at bottom of page

- Cost Summary: Will be $0.00 unless adding Canteen or Donation.

- Choose “Continue” at bottom of page

- Waiver: Complete the required fields and check both boxes 

- Choose “Continue” at bottom of page

- Medical Information: Please inform us of any health concerns, allergies, or dietary restrictions.

- Choose “Continue” at bottom of page

- Registration Summary: You’re almost finished!

- Choose “Confirm” at bottom of page

- Congratulations!! You are registered for Seniors Camp 2020! A confirmation message will be sent to your email. 



4a. Adding a new Camper (Family Member)

- Enter Name, Birth Date, and select Camper Type

- Choose “Continue” at the bottom of the page


5. Forgot Your Password? 

- Choose “Forgot your password” on right side under login fields

- Enter your email address

- Open email account & email with new password

- Return to #4 and continue Registration by logging in with email and new password



While we always do our best to assign you to the cabin or dorm of your choice, we cannot guarantee specific locations ahead of registration day (with the exception of RV sites).  


If your registration is received after we have reached maximum capacity for selected camp you will be placed on a waitlist and notified if space becomes available. 

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