Over the years, one of the top priorities of the Kedleston leadership team has been to train up young men and women who have a desire to grow in their walk with Jesus and provide opportunities to develop their skills as young leaders. While KGC has always had an emphasis on training up young leaders, the LEADER IN TRAINING Program, developed in 2011, does this in a more formal manner.  We hire LIT Directors whose purpose is to mentor, disciple, and train teens through one-on-one interaction, group sessions, personal devotional time, and practical acts of service.


How does LIT Work?

- 1 week long and is geared for those aged 13-14

- Typically runs during the week of Sr. Teen Camp



- Pre-requisite for all 16+ staff in high school

- For ages 15-16

- Requires a 3 camp commitment

- Training week usually runs during the weeks of Jr. Teen.

- LIT have a choice of Pre-Teen and Kids Camps for their two practical weeks.
At Sr. LIT The training week focuses on discipleship, team-building, servanthood and practical training. During the "mission" portion of the program, Sr. LIT's would then be directly involved with co-leading cabins or assisting with skills and activities. Senior LITs must be able to commit to returning for at least 2 of the 3 Kids Camps in July/August. 


How do I  join LIT?

In two easy steps! (See more admission details further down on this page.)


There is an application AND reference process for LIT.  Applications will become available on our website on April 1st. You can then complete the application to apply for the JR or SR LIT program. 



If you have been accepted into the program, we will provide you with a code to complete your registration and payment for the LIT program.


There are a limited number of spots for the LIT Program and participants will be chosen based on an application process that includes references. Where more applications are received then we have spots for, age and readiness for the program will be considered. The program is designed for teens who are serious about their walk with Jesus and desire to develop their leadership skills by way of discipleship and mentorship. Applicants should be growing daily in their relationship with Christ, active in their church and youth group and serving in their church or community.

Successful completion of the Sr. LIT program is required for all high school students prior to applying for a paid staff position at Kedleston.

Applicants should be:
- growing daily in their relationship with Christ
- active in their church &/or youth group
- serving in their church or community




AGES: 13 - 14

DATE: July 3-8, 2022

COST: $125


AGES: 15 - 16

DATE: July 10-15, 2022

two or three of the following camps: 

     1st Kids Camp       


     2nd Kids Camp    

COST:  $225



We allow 1-1.5 months for applications to be received. After this time we will begin communicating acceptance to applicants. 





Successful applicants will be given a CODE to register online.  Please complete the online LIT application only and DO NOT register for the LIT program until receiving your notice of acceptance.



Gary and Shannon Stevenson took over the LIT program in 2018 and are excited to continue leading this vibrant group of youth in LIT!  Gary was privileged to grow up attending Kedleston from a very young age. Now, as a family (including their boys, Samuel, Jack, Max, and Isaac), they are thankful and blessed to have KGC as an important part of their family’s past, present, and future!  

The Stevenson’s have worked in a number of different ministry roles over the years: pastoring and missions, kids and family ministry, and camps... sometimes doing these ministries full time, and sometimes part time alongside their role as parents and Gary working as a draftsman.  Gary and Shannon currently live in Eston, SK and work at Eston College.   


Kedleston has had a big impact on who they are and they are looking forward to being a part of the ministry of KGC this summer!  See you there!


'Growing up going to KGC, it was my dream to be an LIT. When I finally got there, it kinda shattered my expectations. I was put into a cabin as an assistant leader but my cabin leader got sick so I was alone leading 6 kids! I faced it head on and it was hands-down one of the best experiences of my life. I had so much fun and it was even better the next year. I didn't think I would be able to lead the cabin alone but thanks to the incredible teaching I received during my LIT training, I was able to make it through and have so much fun along the way. LIT taught me so much about leadership and I'm so excited to use those skills I learned for the rest of my life.'

- Josh


'The Junior LIT program allowed me to become closer to God and learn many new skills to achieve a leadership role. I was able to enhance my public speaking with opportunities to put that information into practice. I feel like I vastly improved throughout the week. The speakers/leaders were very interesting and encouraging. It is hard to put into words how close I came to the Lord. My experience at Kedleston will shape my walk as a Christian and as a leader. I have made lasting friendships. The tips and info given about excelling as a leader will stay with me. They are simple but show respect for others.' 

- Avery

'As parents, we are so thankful for the leadership skills you have introduced our so to and the impact of God that you have made in his life. it is so different coming from someone who isn't his parent. 

Thank you for taking a chance on him and growing his ability to believe in himself, giving him the opportunity to grow spiritually and develop the skills of leadership. This was a huge boost of confidence, both spiritually and in connecting with or making new friends.'

- Parent of an LIT