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Hi!  Nice to meet you! 


We are Gary and Shannon Stevenson. We have been involved with Kedleston Gospel Camp for many years, and are now serving as the Executive Directors of Kedleston Gospel Camp.   We are so thankful for all the great things God did at camp this past year and are excited to see all that he has for us this yeare!


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Our journey to this new role has been a circuitous one. We have worked in a variety of different ministry roles: pastoring, short term-and longer-term missions work, teaching and being staff members at Eston College.  We have served on boards, run a small business, home-schooled kids, and been very actively involved in lay ministry through the 30 plus years of our marriage.  In the midst of all these things we raised our 4 boys and are now so glad to also have 2 daughters-in-law and a granddaughter as part of our family.

Gary grew up attending and working at Kedleston and as a couple we have been part of camp ministry for decades and served at a dozen camps across Canada and even internationally.  We are excited and humbled to be taking on the role of Executive Director of a camp that has had such a great impact on our lives, on our family, and on the lives of so many others.  We feel deeply the honour of being a part of a ministry with such a long and rich history of teaching God’s word, preaching the Gospel, training leaders, building up families, and creating space and opportunity for people to have life-changing encounters with God.  Our heart is to carry on that good work and to be a part of the beautiful and impactful history of Kedleston Gospel Camp. 

It is our privilege to hold up the mission of making Kedleston Gospel Camp a place where your relationship with Christ deepens by experiencing God’s Spirit, God’s Word, God’s people, and God’s creation.  

We are prayerfully working with the board and staff to develop, refine, and implement a vision for Kedleston Gospel Camp.  We are looking forward to seeing you at camp in the coming months and partnering with you in the work of keeping Kedleston a place of powerful, Spirit-filled ministry in one of the most beautiful settings in the province! 


See you at the beach!


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