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As we all know, life is busy.  Work, school, kids' activities, volunteering, appointments, meetings and family commitments are just a handful of things that keep us busy - and sometimes all in the same day!  That's why 2nd Family Camp is so wonderful.  It provides us with a week to recharge, refresh and reconnect with the people that matter most.  Whether you can can come for a few days or stay the whole week, those who come will experience a break from the day to day business of life.  From a peaceful walk in the quiet of the early morning to enjoying the gorgeous sunset over the lake in the evening, a day a Kedleston can be just what you need.

The day is scheduled to provide refreshment for your spirit, soul and body.  Delicious meals are provided where everyone eats together in our dining hall.  Services are held in the morning with kids and teens having their own sessions, and again in the evening where everyone comes together to worship and receive from the speakers that bring God's word.  The afternoons can be whatever you need them to be - fun and action-packed or slow and relaxing.  Activities are scheduled and supervision is provided so that everyone, young and old, can enjoy any kind of day they want.  Evenings bring times for fellowship around campfires or in the dining hall for mug-up.  Youth can keep the fun going with supervised night games and activities (don't worry mom and dad - there is a curfew!)

Gratis is also a part of Family Camp.  Having campers participate in some of the jobs that need doing throughout the day (primarily in the kitchen and dining hall) not only helps keep registration costs down but also gives families the opportunity to learn to serve together.  Great conversations are often had and friendships developed while drying dishes or clearing tables at camp!  

So whether you're single, married, big family or small, plan on coming and spending some time at Family Camp - it might just be exactly what you need to gain strength and encouragement for your life.

1st Famil Camp


Note: subject to change


2:00 PM                    Registration

2:00 - 5:00 PM      Canteen & Jacob's Ladder

5:00 PM                    Supper

7:00 PM                    Service — Big Tab & Mug Up

9:45 PM                    Youth Activity

11 :00 PM                In Cabin / Quiet Time


8:00 AM                       Breakfast

10: 00 AM                   Morning Service — Big Tab 

12:00 PM                     Lunch

1:00 -  4:30 PM         Beach / Boating  / Canteen

2:00 - 4:00 PM           Jacob's Ladder, Skills, Crafts

3:30 PM                         Family Activities

5:00 PM                         Supper       

5:306:50 PM        Jacob's Ladder

7:00 PM                     Service — Big Tab & Mug Up

9:45 PM                     Youth Activities

11:00                          In Cabins / Quiet Time


8:00 AM                       Breakfast

10:00 AM                    Morning Service — Big Tab 

12:00 PM                     Brunch 

1:00 PM                        See you next year! (Out of Cabins but you're welcome to enjoy the beach for the afternoon.)

2nd Family Camp
Family Adventure Camp


If you have preschool or grade school-aged children, this weekend is for you!  At FAC you will participate in activities and services as a family unit.  From sun-up to sun-down, the fun doesn't stop.  What a great way to kick off summer with your kids!  Part of the vision for this camp is to carve out a time for your family to spend together in worship, discipleship, fun activities and to do these things alongside other wonderful families on the same adventure.

Alpha Family Camp


This is an exciting new camp we are rolling out this year. 

This camp is designed for new Christians.  We want to create a camp experience where people can build relationships and  community. It will feature teaching that focuses on the foundational elements of Christianity.

Along with new Christians, this camp will also have mature Christians who will be there as part of the ministry team.  If you want to be a part of this team please email: or call Gary at 403-308-5833 


We are wanting to offer a camp for home shool families to kick off their school year.  Each day there will be a chapel session and teaching session. We will also have activity times and group game times.

We are pleased to have Richard Fangrad presenting some Bible and Science sessions. Richard is CEO of CMI-Canada and producer and co-host of the weekly, half-hour TV show Creation Magazine LIVE!. As a speaker, he is known for his easy-to-understand scientific presentations.

Families will be placed in cabins as family units. 

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