Date: June 14-18th 

Registration: begins at 3:00PM on June 14th and ends after lunch on Sunday June 18th.

Age: 55+

Cost: by donation

AM Speaker: Dave Wicks

Dave is a Prairie farm kid that met his current and only wife in Regina while gassing up his Ford Convertible in the late 60's . Dave and Pat were married in 1970, born again in 1973 and entered into Pastoral ministry in 1976. Dave and Pat have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Dave Jr. and his wife Liz serve as a Pastoral couple in Grenfell. Katie lives in Edmonton and works as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Dave has been Lead Pastor in 5 churches, Executive Director of Teen Time Camp of Edmonton, Faculty at FGBI (now called  Eston College) and Regional Director with ACOP . Dave’s priority list would be 1: Jesus 2: Family 3: The Church 4: Riding a Motorcycle. He would describe himself as a flawed person with limited gifts but a heart that is convinced that Jesus loves him. From the very beginning of Dave and Pat’s Spiritual journey until this very day Christian Camping has been a huge deal in their lives. Beginning at an altar a Veteran and then Trossachs Camp, Youth Director at Trossachs, then leading a Camp ministry for 6 years, speaking about 25 times at 10 different Camps for all age groups. This year at KGC he will be speaking on AMAZING GRACE. The Grace of God is how we as believers got started and how we continue to worship--it's how we reach our destiny.   It's what keeps us safe in crazy world and it shows us how to treat each other.  Please bring your stories of Amazing Grace to camp.

PM Speaker: Brian Fuller 

He grew up on a farm in Alberta. After graduating from Castor High School, he attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and earned a diploma in Marketing. In 1979 he enrolled at the Full Gospel Bible Institute (Eston College). After completing two years at the college, he received a call to youth ministry and in 1981 served at the Veteran Full Gospel Church for 3 years. In 1985, he moved to Regina so that he could serve as the youth pastor under the leadership of Mervyn Switzer. In 1992, Brian and his wife, Shelly, moved to California where he completed his undergraduate studies in History and Political Science. He taught high school in Bakersfield for 5 years and then moved into an administrative position. During this time, he also completed a Master of Arts in Education. In 2007, Brian and his family returned to Canada to serve as the Community Pastor at the River of Life Church in Lethbridge. In 2008, Brian was asked to assume the role as the President of Eston College and continues to remain.